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Dining in Ingham

For your convenience our fully licenced Ingham restaurant offers fine dining and top class
service without the hefty price tag. For the best in Ingham Dining see us at Ingham Motel

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Maria's Bistro offers a fine dining experience for both breakfast and evening.

Breakfast is room service between 6 am and 7 am and a continental breakfast can be delivered to your room the previous evening allowing you to dine at your leisure.

In the evening you can enjoy our country style a-la-carte menu which always satisfies along with a cool ale or a glass of wine, our drinks are guaranteed to be chilled to your perfection. Kids menus and soft drinks and desserts are always available along with the kids games room.

Maria's Bistro also caters for Coach Groups, Weddings, Parties, Conferences and they specialize in themed nights.

Maria's Bistro is your high quality alternative and presented with a smile.

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Ingham Herbert Valley Motel. Accommodation in Ingham with an Ingham Restaurant catering to Ingham Dining. A leading Ingham Motel. Google+
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